Terms of Use

Royalty Free Music Room has only a few easy rules when using Edie’s music downloads.

  • All music tracks from Edie Murphy’s Royalty Free Music Room may not be sold or distributed as “music itself” or where Edie’s music tracks and/or music loops are stand-alone elements.
  • Also, Royalty Free Music Room’s material may not be used for mp3 downloads on any website, including music-only websites.
  • Please note that Edie creates production music, not karaoke music. Singers may not use these tracks as accompaniment to vocals.

If you would like to be selected as one of Edie’s Featured Projects and get even more traffic and views, do this!

1. Please create a live clickable link, also known as a hyperlink, that links to RoyaltyFreeMusicRoom.com in your YouTube video description and/or website. Just copy and paste this url: http://royaltyfreemusicroom.com in your video description.

2. Website creators copy and paste the following html code to create the proper hypertext link:
<a href=”https://www.royaltyfreemusicroom.com”<RoyaltyFreeMusicRoom.com</a>

3. Visible credit to Edie Murphy’s RoyaltyFreeMusicRoom.com within the media project’s end titles/credits is a great option too.

Edie Murphy’s tracks can be used as background music for any commercial or non-commercial or personal applications such as YouTube videos, radio ads, TV ads, television spots, background web music, film music, animation music, production music, on hold music, stingers, video games, online games, logos, or any project where you need music.

Please visit often as we add even more music to our current catalog and as we add much more different musical styles and genres such as acoustic music, alternative, Americana, bluegrass, blues, country music, dance, 80s music, folk music, pop music, rock, techno, Valentines/romance music and whatever else we think of.