Public Domain Music

Check out Royalty Free Music Room’s public domain music. Our legal music downloads are available to everyone for personal, non-commercial or commercial use for a nominal charge. So what is music in the public domain? Most often it is thought of as old music that can be used freely without regard for paying license fees. This is partially true, but more specifically it is any song, or music and lyrics, or music composition (but not the sound recording) that was published before 1922. This means you can use the song or composition prior to 1922 license free, but you would still have to record the song yourself or hire someone to record it for you. No mechanical licenses or sync licenses needed. Edie Murphy’s PD music is actually modern music that can be used as YouTube music. So go ahead and use these high production value songs for your Youtube video or film score. This site is chocked full of quality background music and production music. Additionally, includes those old public domain songs in its catalog as well. Click around and listen to Royalty Free Music Room’s contemporary and traditional public domain songs. What a great way to add high production value to your project for just a few dollars!

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