Children's Christmas Songs

Kids from one to ninety-two love singing Children Christmas Songs and Royalty Fee Music Room gives you kids Christmas music at a great price. Edie Murphy’s kids Christmas songs add even more joy to your special holiday project. You can use these childrens Christmas songs along with last year’s family holiday photos to make terrific Christmas slideshows, a perfect gift Grandma and Grandpa will love! Churches, schools and social clubs can use our kids Christmas songs for Christmas pageants, holiday concerts, singing recitals and other yuletide performances. Animators, you can also set these free kid Christmas songs with your cartoons and animation to create a Rankin/Bass like production! Edie’s Christmas songs for children work well with any kids video, in music class, for family Christmas videos, a holiday youtube video, and so much more. Please, be sure to adhere to some simple TERMS OF USE rules or you’ll get put on Santa’s naughty list! Otherwise, purchase a premium license and you don’t have to worry about crediting Edie Murphy and Royalty Free Music Room!

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